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About Me:
First off, my name is Brent W.J. Mackie. People often ask what my middle initials stand for. Brent William John Mackie, or "BWJM" for short. I was born in Ontario, Canada and I have lived here my entire life.

After finishing high school in 2001, I enrolled in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. I have since graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics, or B.Math for short.

During my time in university, I was also enrolled in the UW Co-op program. Every second term, I had a co-op job placement where I worked for 4 months. I have spent 4 terms at Open Text Corporation in the Information Technology Department. The first two terms were spent on the IT helpdesk (ITHelp) team and the final two were on the Infrastructure team. My fifth and final work term was spent with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, the organization that operates Toronto Pearson International Airport, and other smaller airfields in the area. This job was again in the IT field. Coincidentally, my experience with Open Text's Livelink came in handy because with the GTAA, I wound up supporting a LiveLink installation and several LiveLink-based applications.

Following my education at the University of Waterloo, I briefly worked in the retail sector until I found a position with Execulink Telecom, one of the major Internet service providers in southwestern Ontario, as a Residential Helpdesk Technician. Over my three-year tenure at Execulink, I was promoted to Helpdesk Team Leader managing a small crew of technicians and Technical Support Operations Lead where I was focusing on some of the administrative aspects of the department. I moved to the Marketing department in 2008 to do some website design work. I left Execulink in late 2008 and almost immediately, I found a technical support position with MKS Inc. in Waterloo. The company was acquired by PTC Inc. in April 2011. Over the course of my employment, I have served in several roles. Presently, I am an Application Administrator overseeing the primary internal installation of PTC's application lifecyle management product, PTC Integrity.

My major hobby and interest right now is collecting Canadian paper money. Check out my currency collection for more info. I find Canadian banknotes to be a very interesting subject. For example, from the serial number of a note, you can determine with great accuracy the signatures on the front, the denomination, the series, the portrait and even approximately when it was printed. Not only that, but our money is arguably some of the most beautiful in the world (especially compared to the American notes). My favourite is the 1954 Devil's Face $5 note. What's yours? As part of my dedication to this hobby, I am a life member of several numismatic organizations, and an executive member of others. In addition to being quite active in organized numismatics, I am also an administrator at the Canadian Paper Money Forums. My full list of numismatic memberships and affiliations is as follows:

  • Canadian Paper Money Society (CPMS): Life Member 99, Executive Director
  • Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA): Life Member 386
  • Ontario Numismatic Association (ONA): Life Member 115
  • Waterloo Coin Society (WCS): Member 793, Treasurer
  • Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club (CTCCC): Member 892
  • International Bank Note Society (IBNS), Life Member 217
  • American Numismatic Association (ANA), Life Member 6564